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Bougainvillea Soap
Bougainvillea Soap

Bougainvillea Soap

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It is said that Bougainvillea Plants are one of the more effective medicinal plants for the body.  Bougainvillea has several skin benefits (can remove acne, fade scars, provide the skin w/intensive moisture & soften/remove the texture of the face) & health benefits when ingested (helps w/colds, improves the digestive system, and is even great for relieving respiratory problems).  Poppy Seeds added & topped for gentle exfoliator & Sweet Rose scented.  

Soap size varies from 3.9 oz. ~ 4.3 oz. 

Natural Butter & Oil Ingredients:

Almond Oil, sweet 5%
Castor 5%
Coconut Oil, 76deg 30%
Olive Oil 40%
Palm Oil 20%
Total Oil Weight 100%



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