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Flamingo Terrazzo Flower Bars
Flamingo Terrazzo Flower Bars

Flamingo Terrazzo Flower Bars

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This is a scent free re-batch soap.  I didn't mean for it to be scent free but when I re-batched it, I added Hershey's Cocoa for the natural brown to several bars & forgot to add the essential oils.  It is still full of all natural oils & butters which is worth the weight of gold but I have discounted the flower bars because of no scent.      

This soap bar varies in size from 2.5 oz. - 3.5 oz. 


Almond Oil, sweet 5%
Castor 5%
Coconut Oil, 76deg 30%
Olive Oil 40%
Palm Oil 20%
Total Oil Weight 100%

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