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Lavender Rain Bars | Handcrafted Soap
Lavender Rain Bars | Handcrafted Soap

Lavender Rain Bars | Handcrafted Soap

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These Lavender Rain Bars have many uses for treating the skin topically. The Lavender naturally reduces inflammation, lessens pain & cleans. Professional's say you can even use lavender oil on your face.  Salvia dried flowers were used for gentle exfoliate.  Many folks are allergic to Lavender so if you experience any side effects from using the oil, such as a skin rash, stop use immediately & consult your physician.  

This soap size varies from 3.0 oz.  ~ 3.8 oz.

All Natural Butter &  Oil Ingredients:

Almond Oil, sweet 5%
Castor 5%
Coconut Oil, 76deg 30%
Olive Oil 40%
Palm Oil 20%
Total Oil Weight 100%

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